​Unicorn Network Threat Analyzer

​​Capture network traffic

Troubleshoot Wired & Wireless Network

Analyze network threats


Monitor network traffic in real-time and trigger an alert immediately when abnormal behavior is detected


Based on protocol analysis, various types of threats can be accurately identified


By using a multi-pattern matching algorithm, various threats can be quickly detected

Start analyzing network threats with the best reliable security solution

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About Company

We develop powerful security software with the best technology

Ax3soft Co., Ltd. is a professional software company providing network monitoring and analysis products. Since our establishment, we have focused on independent innovation and research and development in the enterprise information security market. Our intrusion detection products are used globally, with satisfied users across North America, Europe, Asia and beyond, due to their powerful features, user-friendly design, and excellent service.

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Our products

What Products We Offer

In the field of network monitoring, analysis, and security, we have developed multiple products successfully.

Unicorn Network Threat Analyzer

Our flagship product, a professional network threat analysis tool.

Sax2 Network Intrusion Prevention System

A professional intrusion detection and prevention tool.


What Clients Say About Us

John Doe
    John Doe


    The best user interface of a IDS that I have seen, real time packet capturing and analysis, very low system impact, minimal network overhead, quick to load, detailed explanation of each intrusion type, interface is REALLY intuitive.

    Jeniffer Doe
      Jeniffer Doe


      Ax3soft Sax2 intrusion detection  systems (IDS) is simple and easy to use. Cost-efficient.

      Claudia Doe
        Claudia Doe


        It is an excellent tool and promises to be useful for intrusion detection and prevention even in a hostile or particularly susceptible environment.

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