Ordering Information

Ordering Information

This ordering information applies to Ax3soft Sax2 .
 All orders are subject to License Agreement.

Money Back Guarantee

Try Ax3soft products risk free. We promise to give all licensed users a 30-days money back guarantee. Return authorization is required.

Maintenance Policy

The Maintenance is a one-time purchase.

Ax3soft products comes with the following maintenance:

1.One Year Maintenance:

12 months’ Priority (to be effective from the purchasing date);

One year maintenance includes the product license plus software maintenance for the period of the maintenance.

  • Priority of technical support via telephone, chat, e-mail or fax (Ax3soft provide all purchased users free technical support life time. Beyond maintenance period, you will get technical support via email only).
  • Free product updates and upgrades as available.
  • Free policy knowledge base updates.
  • Free documentation updates.
  • Access to pre-release product.

Customers who go beyond the maintenance period are entitled to keep on using the original version purchased plus any updates and upgrades supplied during the maintenance period.

2.Renewal Maintenance:

             12 months’ Priority (existing customers only).

Renewal maintenance is for existing customers to renew their licenses if the maintenance period has expired. Customers may purchase a Renewal maintenance –  Multi-User License, Site License, Global License, at our Web Site to get additional free upgrades and priority of technical support.

Single User License

One single user licensed copy of this software may be used by a specific individual who is licensed to use the software on one computer.

If the software is installed on a networked system, or on a computer connected to a file server or other system that physically allows shared access to the software, Licensee agrees to prevent use of the software by more than one user.

If you want to install the software on a network and provide access for more than one user, you should purchase additional single-user licenses. Additional single-user licenses are not concurrent-user licenses (that is, each additional single-user license is associated with a specific individual).

Multi-User(5 user) License

A multi-user license includes one key allows a given number of computers or users of your organization in single geographic location to use a single license key of the program. You receive only one license key of the program. You can install and operate the program on any number of machines as long as the number of users not exceed your license.

The license permits you to distribute the specified number of licensed copies of Ax3soft Sax2 entirely within your organization. You may not give, transfer or sell multi-user-licensed copies of Ax3soft Sax2 to your customer (s), or any third party, nor include such copies in, or with, products you sell.

Site License

Our software is normally priced for a single user license. One single user license allows a specific individual to install and run the software on a single computer. The Site License, however, allows you to install and operate the program on an unlimited number of computers at a given site, and provides access for unlimited users. Remote sites, for example, branch offices, require separate licenses

Global License

A global license allows unlimited number of users in the same company to use the software on an unlimited number of computers at any company location worldwide.


Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please check our web site for the latest product offerings and prices. Please check our website for the latest product offerings and pricings